CRM Features that suits the needs of your business

CRM is a solution when dealing with costumers. There are those who offer CRM with features that might catch your interest, but be mindful between what you want and what you need. In reality, there are just few features that are really important in every business. Before deciding on the type of CRM you are going to use, focus first on what will help your business now.
There are reviews given that say entrepreneurs now want a few and simple features. In fact they are more focus in the new goal which is relationship optimizing. According to Kelly Owens, to achieve goals is to be more proactive. One must not only respond to the basic needs of costumers but rather anticipate and act on their wants. Nowadays, it will not be enough to just collect information on your past costumers, it is important to reach the walls of past corporates and then find new customers. According to the author of “Make it Happen! Live out your Personal Brand.” Justin Honaman, Companies nowadays also assess their market products and costumers preferences through social media, and sites with related content. This is somehow given great value. So then, those critical value changes now and then.
What does your CRM really need?
Simple and easy to integrate. Simplicity is the best. What will be the use of CRM with complicated features if the users can’t even understand the way it functions? Complicated CRM can only kill the motivation of teams that are going to use it, can make people refuse to use it. Complicated software and so much functionality do not make a CRM the best so it’s better to choose a simple and effective CRM.
Remote access. CRM can be effectively used if you can enter data even from various locations. This means even if you are from costumer’s site, trade show, or partner’s premises, you can still use the CRM. According to Chris Tranquill, ACS managing director, one of the essential functions of CRM is to have an increased quality of contacts by means of having at-home agents.
Mobile Access. This means you can view and use CRM even with your mobile phones or any handheld device. This is why remote access was made possible. It is important especially to those sales personnel working in the field.
Customization and flexibility. Customized CRM has been always successful. That is why it is important to choose CRM where you can be flexible and you can customize.
List Management. The CRM you will choose should be something that can manage multiple lists.
 Strong Multichannel support. It is primarily important to support the access on mobile and another channel.
Campaign Management. CRM should give you powerful function of campaign management, enable workflow.
Follow-up tracking and Lead Generation. This means that the lead will be automatically seen and the same goes to follow up.
Integrated analytics. CRM must give you an access to both sales and marketing decision making analytics.


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