CRM Drawbacks

CRM is a great tool in business industries. But the fact can’t be denied, it also have various disadvantages. You might implement it but then get different result.
Choice of tools is important to achieve effective implementation. A wrong choice of tool can lead to a complicated CRM. If it’s incorrectly implemented, various problems might arise. For example, if the CRM is implemented to few chosen department, the tendency is the need to come up with inaccurate information.
 Weak leadership. It can be a source of problem regarding the implementation plan of CRM. The management should be the model so it will make the costumer also do the same. If you think a certain plan will not work, then don’t implement it anymore. Rather, think of another plan that will act on the problem. It will be much better if CRM project is made in manageable pieces. It will be helpful if the project is divided into small and flexible ones, allowing adjustments and changes along the way.
 Lack of Commitment. If the person within the company lacks commitment, the relationship with the costumer might get into trouble. This may lead to costumer’s dissatisfactions and so results in losing revenues.
 Poor Communication. This can result in preventing Buy-in. It happens when the company assigns irrelevant people in doing the job.
 Cultural Change might happen in the company. This is possible is if the company give much focus in the demands of their costumer. It is important to allocate time for training to properly use the system. The skill to be learned can take some time. Technical experts should be consulted by the company in training their employees. This means a need for patience in part of the management.
 Sensitive information such as important accounts, address, details credit cards, was entered in the system. Phishing might happen. This is an attempt of acquiring such sensitive information. Employees might be prone on leaking confidential information about the client. They might give the information to competitors in exchange for a sum of money. This is an issue of trusting the proper individuals and can be considered as the major disadvantage since the clients detail is accessible by just simply using the software.
In order to have an effective CRM, one must give an effort to continuously monitor the system. It should be monitored to see if there are any abnormalities and regular backups should be done for all the data. It should be done, as much as possible, every day. It is to ensure that no data will be lost. In doing so, you need to hire an individual expert from IT department and it means additional cost.
Business wants and needs changes, thus you also need to change your CRM software. If some problems were detected in the program, then some action and implementation procedures should be followed. It is also important to install security patches daily. This is to ensure that the system is free from data diggers and hackers.


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