5 Most Recommended CRM Solutions

Customer Relationship Management or CRM solution is not a common tool for small business. It is all because of the misconceptions that this solution is intended only for big ventures. Breaking that idea, there are CRM solutions intended for small businesses.
The CRM solution used in small business is usually lightweight. It is designed in order to meet unique needs of the small business. This system will consolidate data and customer records in giving timely access in business. Also, it gives an actionable business insight. It simply means that there will be less wasted time in making reports but more of functioning well in the company.
Small businesses do not need to have an expensive CRM solution just to manage the important business data and customer records. Here below are the four identified cheap CRM solutions that offer functionality that you need. These solutions also integrate with social sites of the customers.
• ContactMe: This comes in an easy to use and comfortable interface. It offers great number of helpful tools in email forwarding, notes, reminders, task management, and calendar in addition for the reporting and management tools. ContactMe is useful in consolidating and sorting contacts. Most of the owners of small businesses use system for documents, spreadsheets, and email in order to handle contacts. This solution has the ability of updating the contact list in one place. Also, it can organize the contacts in categories like customer, potential, and lead.
• Batchbook: This is considered as “cloud-based” social CRM platform. Any member of the team may use this in any kind of tracking device. In getting started, user may import the existing contact from the spreadsheet. Collection of contact information in the website is also possible thru this solution. Batchbook is also offering ways on organizing the contacts in order to learn and know who the customers really are. Another good thing about this is its accessibility in communicating with the customer. Customer’s emails can be automatically recorded. Chatting with the team members regarding different company and attaching notes in conversation is also possible thru BatchBook. Task system is also a feature of this that assigns task within the team. It also creates list in order to monitor the conversation and other things your customer is doing.
• Nimble: This solution aims in helping user to have better management of social contacts. It includes the partners, co-workers and customers. This will all come in online conversations you have with the user thru Facebook, Twitter, email, Skype and in other services. All the contacts will be managed in just one screen thru the use of Nimble. Interface used by this provides options in adding companies and people as the contact for syncing all the messages. It ranges from social media sites or email up to the contact. Thru this, user can manage list and make new events for completed and upcoming tasks.
• Zoho CRM: Opportunity Tracking Tool is one of the important tools of this solution. This is designed in order to give comprehensive view of the business in all the sales activities. It helps in knowing the position of each customer in sales cycle, contact history and deal size. Competition information can also be accessed. Its Notes Section is editable that shows content and time of the past conversations of the customers.
Who said that CRM is for big business only? Whatever the size of your business, there is CRM solution that you count on with. If you have small business, try to consider the above CRM solutions for taking your venture in the road of success.


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